Friday, March 18, 2011

How to shop thrift stores

Yes, it is a verb, and it is taking over the fashion world. THRIFTING. So all you label whores, put down your designer duds. The new look is cheap, unique, and a style you make your own. You can find it at a thrift store near you.

Tips for thrifting:
1.  Thrift stores can be overwhelming: with all the cheap prices, it is easy to go crazy.  Take some time to think about your style before you enter.  What is your favorite silhouette? Color? Are you bohemian or Preppy? And stick to it.  There is no use in buying clothes you will never wear.
2. Know your budget. Thrifting is all about being cost efficient, so figure out how much you can spend before you walk into the store.  Be reasonable to what is in your checking account, and don't compromise (unless you find that perfect dress).
3. Ask how the store is organized.  Go to the sales counter and ask a representative, it will cut down on time.  Most are usually organized by either size, date in time, color, or brand.  Then eliminate.  If you know you will never wear something blue, don't shop in the blue section.  If your a size small, don't get your heart broken by looking at the dresses hanging on the large rack.
4. Check for imperfections.  hold it in light to make sure there are no stains.  Pay special attention to the seams and hem of the item to make sure there are no broken hems or tears.  If there is a small imperfection that you notice, but still want to buy, point it out to the sales associate, in most cases you will get a discount.  Plus, most minor tears can be easily mended at home.
5. Try it on.  Used clothes have been shrunk, stretched, and put through lots of wear.  The size on the label is just a guide, you should try everything on.
6. When it is time to buy, trade in your own clothes if you have any to lower the bill.  Otherwise, just enjoy the smile that spreads across your face when you see the price.
7. Refashion (my favorite)! If something does not fit quite right, or you think that your new dress and sweater would be way cuter as a romper and scarf, break out your sewing machine and get to work.  You can make virtually any item of clothing work for you with a bobbin and needle. :)

Happy Thrifting!
All my love
Ashley Marie

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